Saw 6 Soundtrack And Happy Halloween


Good day all you goblins and ghouls, All Hallows Eve has officially woken from it's long slumber. And you know what that means, if it's Halloween, it must be Saw!

If you're looking for some scary music to put you in a terrifying mood, why not check out the recently released soundtrack to the best horror thriller series, Saw 6? It features new and unreleased tracks from top notch rockers such as: Lacuna Coil, Hatebreed, Suicide Silence, Shadows Fall and many more! Not just this, but it also comes in three acts: 6 Chances, 6 Lessons, 6 Choices and three digital bonus tracks.

Josh Grabelle from Trustkill said he couldn't be more ecstatic and proud to be apart of such a well put together compilation album. "We are stoked about  this soundtrack as we've managed to place songs from some of the most exciting hard rock and metal bands in the scene on this one. We are all huge fans of the Saw movies and are ready to knock this one out of the park!" 

Jonathan Platt of Artists' Addiction Soundtrack speaks this mind about the horrifying tracklist to this creepy film, which in his opinion, is the absolute best they've ever done. "We feel that we have put together a collection of songs that really mirrors the chaos onscreen. All of our acts are big fans of the Saw series and we're excited to be a part of the soundtrack and I think the energy really comes across".

The spooky songs on this tracklist will make you turn it up to eleven:


  1. Hatebreed "In Ashes They Shall Reap"
  2. Lacuna Cil "The Last Goodbye"
  3. It Dies Today "Reckless Abandon"
  4. Mushroohead "Your Soul Is Mine"
  5. Chimaira "Warpath"
  6. Danko Jones "Code Of The Road"


  1. Suicide Silence "Genocide/Saw VI Remix"
  2. Memphis May Fire "Ghost In The Mirror"
  3. Outbreak "The Countdown Begins
  4. Shadows Fall "Still I Rise/Saw VI Remix"
  5. Type O Negative "Dead Again"
  6. Converge "Dark Horse"


  1. Kittie "Cut Throat"
  2. Nitzer Ebb "Never Known"
  3. Every Time I Die "Roman Holiday"
  4. My My MIsfire "The Sinatra"
  5. The Flood "Lethal Injection"
  6. James Brothers "More Than A Sin"

Six Digital Bonus Tracks:

  1. 69 Eyes "We Own The Night"
  2. Ventana "Watch Us Burn"
  3. Miss May I "Forgive & Forget"

Do you want more added fright on top of all this madness? Check out our Nimrod Radio sure to make your nightmares' blood boil with fear! Don't forget to stop by our forum and share all your crazy stories and pictures...we'll be waiting!

Nimrod Street wishes everyone a happy and safe Halloween!


Happy Halloween Nimrods!!