Lacuna Coil Bring Their Dark Legacy To Hard Rock Live


The day had finally arrived where I would get to see one of my top favorite bands rocking out in front of me. Italian Gothic metal band Lacuna Coil brought their Dark Legacy Tour to the Hard Rock Live on May 6 celebrating 15 years together as a band co-headlining with legendary metal quartet, Megadeth.

Dedicated fans battled the outrageous Florida weather consisting of heavy rain and the possibility of small hale. However, it was all worth it the second everyone got inside the venue. Instantly, the energy could be felt before we made way to our seats.

Kicking off the show earlier than expected Lacuna Coil rocked a new song off their current album, "Dark Adrenaline", called "I Don't Believe In Tomorrow". They also delve into material from previous albums, "Karmacode", "Shallow Life", and my personal favorite, "Comalies".

Afterwards it was Megadeth's turn to rock the house! It was obvious to everyone in the room, regardless of their age, that these guys still owned the awesome genre of heavy metal! Additionally, a WJRR 101.1 contest winner received a Flying V guitar from lead singer Dave Mustaine which just moments before had been used in a previous song.

As a special treat to the already zany crowd vocalist Cristina Scabbia came out on stage to duet with Mustaine on "A Tout Le Monde". I have to say this was a major highlight of the evening.

Lacuna Coil's set-list is as follows:

  • "I Don't Believe In Tomorrow"
  • "I Won't Tell You"
  • "Kill The Light"
  • "Upsidedown"
  • "Swamped"
  • "Fragile"
  • "Give Me Something More"
  • "Our Truth"
  • "Spellbound"
  • "Trip The Darkness"

Overall this was one tour I'm glad I didn't miss out on as Lacuna Coil are one of the few original and talented artists in music today. We recommend you experience it for yourself whenever the opportunity arises. Follow Cristina Scabbia (@MissScabbia), Lacuna Coil (@Lacuna_Coil) and Megadeth (@Megadeth) on Twitter.

Capturing footage of the show to share with our Nimrods was another plus, at least in our opinion. Expect to see videos on our You Tube channel by clicking on this playlist link.