Green Day On Your Mobile Phone


Howdy my Nimrod peeps, glad you could join us again! I know  you're going to love what we have in store today.

Street team members may be aware of a new mobile phone contest. By signing up to their phone list,  you could win a pretty cool Green Day prize pack. Along with that, fans will get news + album and tour updates from the rockers delivered straight to their cell phones.

Entering is super easy, just start by registering yourself for the official Green Day street team. After that, you'll see a black banner with a space for you to enter your cell number. You'll need to confirm and activate just by replying to the text message with the letter Y.

Speaking of street team, don't forget to keep posting those 2009 banners anywhere and everywhere. Our guys are going to definitely top this year with their upcoming album and tour. The more points you accumulate, the better your chances are of getting wicked cool prizes in the long run. This mission runs from December 19th, 2008 to February 01st, 2009.

Now for other news in the Green Day world, a new book entitled Ramones: Interviews has just been released on January 5th, 2009. It includes endless amounts of interviews with the band and of course, with their fans. Mike Dirnt is also featured in the book as saying, "My respect has and always will be there for the Ramones, the band that showed me that simple songs and a simple life could make you happy." This book is excellent for anyone interested in the punk rock movement that sparked the influence for all the bands we love today.

One more thing I wanted to add! Here's an article I just found from speaking about how the guy's next album could possibly tank. Read through it and decide for yourself whether or not you believe it to be evident.

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