Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who and what is Nimrod Street?
A: Nimrod Street is a rapidly growing Online Rock Community inspired by Green Day to reach out and create a strong, positive, and energetic environment where Rock Fans can meet other Fans and not only have fun, but learn to give back to their community as well. Established October 27th 2007, we are dedicated to raise general awareness in our fellow rock fans! See our About-Us.

Q: Why do you want to give back?
A: We strongly believe that today's society is in desperate need of a wakeup call. People are letting hate and politics rule their lives. Music is the best medium to send out a positive message to help change this. And we just happened to choose rock because, well, we are rock fans as well. There is no reason that the Music Industry can't help establish some sort of moral seed in the hearts of rockers out in the world. When you buy an awesome band shirt or new album, a percentage of that should be given back to charity. That is why we are building our community on a fan driven foundation and adding support to charities and organizations to raise awareness, starting with our fellow fans.

Q: Is Nimrod Street parentally approved?
A: While we strive to keep things as clean as possible, we are not your parents. As such we have no idea as to what exactly your parents would find offensive. We do however recommend that you'd be at least 13 years of age or close enough (12 should be the minimum to join our site) in order to be safe. We will NOT post nude pictures, or link to questionable sites. However, casual profanity and some off color jokes may sometimes pop around our site, especially in the forums. We do not tolerate the use of profanity or jokes at the expense of other members.

Q: Why is there a member named "Nimrod God" and ranked "God"?
A: Well... The definition of a God takes many different forms depending on who or what religion you follow. In most cultures and religions God is looked at as "The Creator" That is why this particular Nimrod Street Resident is named "Nimrod God" He is The Creator of Nimrod Street. If you were to believe in Yoda, Alf, Chewbacca, Worf or any other alien life form, you may not agree with our decision to name him Nimrod God. In any case however, your God, is God, but Nimrod God, is our Webmaster.

Q: Does that make Nimrod Street a Cult?
A: Uh... No?! Definitely not. Nimrod Street is a fun, upbeat community, unlike a cult where there are dress codes and chanting and you have to get those stupid looking buzz cuts and those nasty little suicide pacts that really can ruin your weekend plans with the other cult members...

Q: So, can I be ranked God?
A: Sure, just send a message to Nimrod God telling him why you think he sucks and how you can replace him, but considering Nimrod God was the one who wrote this FAQ, I sincerely doubt he will listen to you.

Q: Who are the founders?
A: Nimrod Street was founded by Nimrod God and Mango, (formally known as NimrodOnElmStreet) or as their friends call them Nimrod God and Mango! That's right, we like to keep their real names a secret so we can keep a sense of mysteriousness around them. Mango was a Green Day fan since 2001 when she first heard Minority. Nimrod God has been a Green Day fan since June 1998 after their release of Nimrod in 1997. They both decided to start Nimrod Street after a discussion about how rock fans in general have started to lose respect for one another and starting fights over differences like being "Emo" or "Goth". They are the driving force behind Nimrod Street.

Q: But Nimrod was released in 1997
A: Ye,s I know, I was counting on the noobs to not know that... So sue me, I wasn't a fan right when their album came out, geez....

Q: How often is Nimrod Street Updated?
A: Nimrod Street is a living breathing web community that is always in development whether it be via actual updates or by ideas that both founders have been fighting about during dinner, watching a movie, showering, sleeping... you get the idea... That's not good enough for you? Complain to one of the admins! We will politely tell you what to do about it.

Q: I noticed that the answers get meaner and meaner, why is that?
A: You noticed that too huh? Well we figured that if we break it to you gently you will see that Nimrod Street is not your average "formal" website. We have fun creating this site for you and we want you to have fun too. Don't feel insulted or belittled by what someone else says on this site. They don't mean it... Now if we say it, then you should worry. So, What's your next question noob?

Q: Why do you sometimes not have a daily story on the main page?
A: <sarcasm>Because we are lazy bums who have so many things to do that we decide not to even try. Seriously, who has time to pay bills and go to work and make a living? We're too busy sleeping and slacking off... Personally I like playing on my PS3 till the sun comes up and THEN I go to sleep, sometime between 4am and dawn... What do you think? We have actual lives? How dare you! What's an 8 hour job? People work that much a week?</end sarcasm> Move along....

Q: What is Nimrod Radio?
A: DON'T PRESS THAT!.... Just Kidding.... Actually, Nimrod Radio is a pretty cool little gizmo that pops up under the regular Nimrod Street website that allows you to surf the site, and some of the net, while listening to our favorite music. Yes OUR favorite music. It is a application that allows for us, the Nimrod Street admins to select the music we want you to hear... Got a problem with that? At least we give you the means to skip songs and close the radio again. By The Way, does not work in every country.

Q: I don't like the music on Nimrod Radio...
A: Well, It's a good thing we didn't ask you. Everyone is a critic these days, gee. Anyways, if your nice, maybe we will come up with a way for you to use your own playlist on our site.... maybe.... or maybe you can just suck it up... It's not like we've got Cher or Britney Spears (BS as we like to call her) on there...

Q: Why does this FAQ suck?
A: We have not finished it yet! Have a question for us? Go ahead and ask the admins. We won't bite... much.