William Control Producing New Record For Fearless Vampires

William Control

Fearless Vampires recently announced they'll begin working on their full-length sophomore album next month to be produced by William Control in his newly built studio.

William spoke about how excited he is to be working with good friends of his on the collaboration. “I only get involved in projects that I am truly excited about and I have to be inspired by the artist or band I’m working with. My goal is to help Fearless Vampire Killers create an album that people care about, that people can relate with, and most importantly, that boys and girls across the globe can sing along to.”

On the other hand, many of Control's fans may be wondering what his own band Aiden has been up to and whether or not they're ever going to release new music. The lead vocalist took to his Facebook page to discuss the future of Aiden informing fans that he just recently began writing new material and a new record is unlikely to surface before 2014. It looks as if the Seattle natives will be self-releasing the album, and even mention a quasi-auction/Kickstarter to raise funds for production.

Although there's some good news about new music, Control himself hinted this may be the last album his band ever make. “In fact, I have been thinking about how we are going to move forward towards a new path, the end path, the road to closure for a band I have cherished and loved and adored for a third of my life.”