We're Attracted To Kat M. Lively's Corner of the Earth

Kat M. Lively

Update: Hey folks! Back with another review as promised from Kat M. Lively, but if you haven't yet go check out our interview with her. Enjoy!

I’d thought it’d make sense to write this review at Starbucks while sipping an iced coffee and looking out the window on this cloudy day. What I’m trying to get at is the surroundings match this environment perfectly. Kat M. Lively is a fresh faced singer-songwriter who wields a guitar singing acoustic songs about whatever’s on her mind. When she starts to sing you better watch out because she’s got something to say.

Being a California native she moved to Alabama at 17 years old but recently came to Los Angeles as of 3 months ago. Although the town she lived in had a decent music scene, in the large scope of things Kat felt like she wanted to achieve more with her music, so she packed up her bags to head out to Hollyweird.

“I'm originally from California, but moved to the south when I was 17. The city I ended up in while in Alabama did have an AMAZING music scene and so many of them really should venture out here! I have always been a California kind of gal though, and I remember the nights I'd walk around listening to the Mama's and the Papa's or X, dreaming about the west coast. Before I left Alabama, I was featured on a local radio station and was playing gigs left and right. Something inside myself though, just knew I had to come back, and so I did. 3 months back home and 2 gigs down. It's a way of life now.”

Making her rounds on social media Lively was able to score her first interview ever with us here on Nimrod Street. I was able to snag her 3 track EP via SoundCloud, and since I loved what I heard I asked if she’d be interested in talking with us about her work. I quite liked the single use of a guitar and pure honesty. Sure, you might think it’s lowkey but it’s for that reason that I enjoy it: pure honesty. Baring your soul for your audience is not an easy thing to do, especially without hiding your voice or lyrics behind absurdity that so many professional artists do nowadays.

Kat is already thinking about shedding her acoustic skin to take on more challenging genres since she is greatly inspired by punk rock music. Lively credits Green Day, The Clash, Ramones, Bad Religion and others as major influences. Having been influenced surrounded by various other genres during a brief stint in the south, putting everything together just seems like a wise idea.

Earlier Green Day and The Clash, hands down. My first concert was Green Day and when I left the venue that night, I walked away changed forever. It was like a baptism for Punk Rock and I couldn't get my hands on records fast enough. It all felt like my personal anthem in life and Punk Rock will take you in, and spit you out with a backbone. From the Ramones, to Bad Religion, Rancid and X. These bands changed my life forever and for the better so I am eternally grateful..”

Now we get to the meaty part of the review, which is obviously the music!

The first track from the EP is “Epiphany”. Lively’s gorgeous articulate voice accompanied by rhythmic guitar playing makes me think of other pop/rock starlets Liz Phair, Tristan Prettyman, and even Michelle Branch. A modest combination of youthful attitude as well as age old maturity molded into one; quite a good track.

Following right behind is the second song “Corner of the Earth” where Lively depends on raw vocals to not only convey the message of missing someone but also does it with a razor sharp edge. It goes to show with decent lyrics and actual talent one can go far to make a piece of art their very own setting new trends along the way; a fantastic song by a fantastic musician.

Now we have the third and last track “Skeletal Homes” full of quirky lyrics starting from the opening line “If I’m crazy let me be”. I'm Instantly intrigued by how her words are straight out of the box, therefore, they’re full of charming uniqueness. Describing human nature in its truthful form Lively lays it against a backdrop of stunning guitar riffs sure to stick in your head for years to come.

In finality, Kat M. Lively will become a force to be reckoned with as time rolls by. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go break the replay button.

You can follow miss Kat on Soundcloud and Facebook. I suggest you do it this very second.