We Are Spellbound After Lacuna Coil's House Of Blues Concert

Cristina Scabbia

To say this was a great concert would be an understatement and even an insult to one of the greatest artists on the face of the earth. I am talking of course about Lacuna Coil’s explosive concert at the House of Blues Orlando on October 19th, 2014. This show in particular was to be the Italian gothic metal band’s last North American tour in 2014 before going back overseas to rock out Europe. I was so ecstatic to attend this rocktastic presentation not only to skip work and do some much needed rocking but because it would be my second time catching them live, but now as a headlining act!

Cilver, a female fronted five-piece from New York City, proved they had what it took to be more than an opening act earning their rightful place on stage. They interacted with the audience in between songs, I even had the opportunity to be noticed by the lead singer who acknowledged me when she asked the question of the day: who’s been in subpar relationships just before ripping into their next song dealing with this exact topic. Although it did seem a bit silly I did feel special being acknowledged allowing the situation to be relatable. It is obvious this band is going places and it’s not just around the block and back!

Right after came devilishly sweet Lacuna Coil taking the entire venue by absolute storm. Lacuna demonstrated they’re true masters of their craft getting everyone involved from the balcony to the floor and every corner in between. These guys tore through songs from "Comalies" to the recent "Broken Crown Halo" all within an hour and a half. Obviously there were a ton of awesome highlights, but one in particular which stood out for me personally was when they performed anawesome cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”. Having grown up a Mode fan since childhood this turned into a surreal moment when the entire venue sang at the top of their lungs - of course I had to record this spectacular Kodak moment to upload on YouTube!

Another great moment I want to touch on was when Cilver came out during Lacuna’s set not only to give them celebratory drinks, but also to thank them for their brand spankin' new record deal. It is evident as Lacuna Coil have stated before in the past that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard enough for it. One can truly testify to this sentiment by observing their incredible career spanning almost two decades - nothing stands in their way!

I had so much fun jumping around, singing at the top of my lungs and screaming the lyrics out loud. I’m not sure if any other show will ever top something this amazing; at least not for a very long time.

Set-list is below:

  1. Trip the Darkness
  2. Spellbound
  3. Intoxicated
  4. Die and Rise
  5. Heaven's A Lie
  6. Survive
  7. Kill The Light
  8. Fire
  9. Victims
  10.  To The Edge
  11. Zombies
  12. Upsidedown
  13. Enjoy The Silence


  1. Nothing Stands In Our Way
  2. Our Truth

Of course I had to post the vid of Lacuna Coil rocking out their cover of "Enjoy The Silence".