Top Best 7 Conerts Of 2017


Hello, Nimrods!

I know I haven’t posted in a while and that’s because I wanted to say the best for last. Right off the bat, let’s not kid ourselves: It was a shit year for music! It’s no secret 2017 was a wonky year for everyone, but at least it redeemed itself through concerts. I chose these top 7 bands, because I actually managed to attend their shows. There were so many others I wanted to include on this list, however, my plans were cocked blocked when personal drama and Hurricane Irma came up; it forced me to cut corners. Without further ado, here are all the concerts I saw May through November.

Best 7 Concerts of 2017

Muse  May 20th, 2017 - Taking the crown on the list is none other than England’s finest prog/avant-garde rock band, Muse. I’ve loved this band since first hearing “Time Is Running Out”. I saw them for the first time in 2013 for the “2nd Law Tour” in Orlando with Nimrod God. This time I drove by myself to West Palm Beach, which is over 2 hours and 45 minutes away to catch a gig for the “Drones Tour 2017”. Their set was more scaled  back with light up stage designs, glow in the dark gear and no pyramid as the main focal point. The biggest highlight for me was the enormous balloon drop and an onslaught of confetti for the final song. Not only that, but hearing “Dig Down” and “New Kind of Kick” was fucking amazing.

Chevelle July 19th, 2017 - So maybe this year wasn’t as awful as I thought. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year was reconnecting with a band I hadn’t heard from since their most recognizable album “Wonder What’s Next” in 2002. Hearing “Joyride” on the radio a year after “The North Corridor” was released was fucking insane. I already went over this in my concert review from July, but I snagged tickets to their show a week or two after hearing said track, before it sold out. “The North Corridor” is the band’s eighth album and call me crazy, but I’m starting to think eight is my lucky number. I became obsessed and bought every album; I also sang my heart out at the show. Chevelle’s stage design with mannequin alien twins and colorful strobe lights was simplistic, yet effective. Lead singer and guitarist Pete Loeffler throwing his water bottles into the crowd added a humorous touch.

Third Eye Blind October 28th, 2017 - The day after our 10th anniversary, I saw Third Eye Blind in concert for the first time at the House of Blues for the “Fall of the Summer Gods Tour”; it was like going right back to my childhood. They played all the hits, “Never Let You Go”, “Semi-Charmed Life”, “Graduate” and many others. I enjoyed seeing a sleek and sophisticated set with atmospheric strobe lights and the band performing on point. I’ll happily go back anytime they play in Orlando.

The Birthday Massacre June 13th 2017 - This must be the fourth time I see these guys since 2010 when I became a fan and definitely an appropriate time since my own birthday was a week later. Openers were Army of the Universe and Sumo Cyco stepped in for Ludovico Technique when they couldn’t make it. I loved seeing TBM in a tiny venue and seeing new songs from their latest album “Under Your Spell”, made it all the more  magical. It’s no wonder they’re one of my most favorite bands ever.

Blink-182 May 4th, 2017 - This is my third time seeing these pop-punk rockers and although they sang a similar setlist as in 2016 - this is my second time seeing Blink on the “California Tour” - what really took it over the top was an encore performance of “Always” when they invited a teenage boy to play drums with them. The song wasn’t planned for the show, yet the crowd refused to leave after confetti rained over them at the end of “Family Reunion”. ONE MORE SONG!

Nirvanna November 28th, 2017 - Black Friday truly merits its name when a Nirvana tribute band played an acoustic set replicating the MTV Unplugged gig from 1993 - the last time Kurt Cobain was on television. As with the aforementioned act, the band weren’t planning on performing a bonus song until a fan went crazy requesting “Heart Shaped Box”. At least now I can die happy knowing I saw “Nirvana” in concert.

Saved By The 90’s June 16th, 2017 - So growing up in the 90’s, I was addicted to the music of that decade and still am. I’ve been to an 80’s tribute show before, so I thought this was more of the same thing with the act covering one particular band - NOT THE CASE! This group sang nearly all the hits from the 90’s to a packed house of fans wanting to relive the good old days. They sang everything from Green Day to *Nsync and other songs we all know and love, plus there was an intermission. Have you ever seen an intermission at a concert before? I think not!

Shows I wish I could’ve seen but didn’t:

Depeche Mode - I have no idea which of these two instances hurt the most but thanks to Hurricane Irma, I wasn’t able to see this iconic 80’s band. The trio canceled their gig in Tampa and played in Miami instead after the storm passed. We were out of power for a day and a half, while other parts of FL were destroyed. Let’s hope there’s another make-up show in the works for Tampa, or at least Orlando in 2018. Fingers crossed! 

There ya have it, Nimrods! My Top 7 Best Concerts of 2017 with two honorary mentions, which hurt like hell to write down. Whatever your plans are for New Years Eve, stay safe and here’s to a new year of some hopefully great music and shows. Hope you all had a happy holiday and a craptastic 2018.

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