Tom Delonge Unveils His New Book "Poet Anderson... Of Nightmares"

Tom Delonge

Now that Tom Delonge has departed from his previous band Blink-182 he is exploring the literary realm of books having penned one with best selling co-writer Suzanne Young called "Poet Anderson... Of Nightmares".

Due out October 6th, 2015 via publisher Simon & Schuster it is the first in a trilogy series and according to a statement it is an epic story of two brothers at odds with society and the world itself. The idea was honed by Tom after a 2014 short called "Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker", as well as a comic book by the same name, and let's not forget the Angels and Airwaves LP "The Dream Walker".

"An unknown world where dreams meet reality and the chasm between the two sometimes disappears.' "

"It centers around two orphaned teenage brothers, Alan and Jonas, who try to rebuild their lives after their parents die in a plane crash. While Alan scores a job at the hotel his parents used to work at, Jonas, the misfit of the two, tries to navigate the treacherous terrain of high school. Unknown forces, however, continue to batter the brothers, and after a freak accident leaves Alan in a coma, Jonas must combat enemies from a 'dark nightworld' in order to save them both."

If you're interested in taking this new journey in Delonge's career you can do so by pre-ordering the book via various multimedia outlets, and as a bonus all will include a companion Angels and Airwaves EP, via his production company To The Stars.

Looks like this grandiose idea of writing 15 or so novels all accompanied by an EP soundtrack is really coming into fusion.