Tom Delonge Releasing Poet Anderson Sequel "....In Darkness" Next January

Tom Delonge

Former Blink-182 guitarist and vocalist, Tom Delonge, has big plans for the new year when he recently announced a sequel to his novel series Poet Anderson called "...In Darkness".  

Delonge partnered up with Young Adult author Suzanne Young to pen the story following brothers Jonas and Alan Anderson wielding their way through the world of nightmares. The first installment came equipped with a soundtrack, comics and animations, however, it's still not known if any music will accompany it this time around. 

"...Poet Anderson has brought together elements of storytelling, music and film to tell the ongoing saga that is 'inspired by a Stanford University study on how your dreams can effect your reality,' according to book release information."

"Poet Anderson...of Darkness" will hit bookstores January 30th, 2018.

Check out a cool trailer for "Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares" below: