SPiN Take A Walk On The Dark Side With "My Hysteria" EP


Pennsylvania band SPiN return with an EP called “My Hysteria”, which was released this past week on June 10th. If you remember we’ve covered them at least two times before and now they’re back to rock your world twice as hard. You might remember them from the “Stalker” album last year charting at number one, as well as strategic CBS placement. Also, don’t’ forget the “Jar of Lies” EP following immediately after. Keep reading to find out more!

SPiN are edgier than ever with a 3-track EP that still possesses the same attributes as a normal record but with a darker tone intertwined. The results were amazing weaving the melodic piano grace from their earlier work, to a thrashing guitar shred -something you wouldn’t expect this band to really do but it just works supremely well.

“‘My Hysteria’ is a dark, eclectic 3-song EP, combining haunting piano balladry with power pop style guitar-driven melodies. The diverse range recalls the raw energy of The Black Keys to the epic intensity of Muse.’”

To be honest...I kinda saw it coming from hearing the aforementioned “Jar of Lies”. Those songs in particular fiddled with a bit of darker edge with even darker lyrics but now it seems the guys are taking it one step further. Judging from the title track “My Hysteria” I love the crunchy guitar twisting the song into that of a heavy metal/hard rock direction. The piano and vocals provide a smoother surface to counterbalance the song - I like it.

The following tune “Someone New” fans could identify with because it’s such a lighthearted number. It’s a good all around rocking romp with solid vocals and impressive guitar work tinkering with thumping drums and moody bass. Longtime fans or maybe even new ones will really enjoy it.

Disappear” is now the last track, which is another song with somber tones driven heavily by a piano and ominous drums here and there. A man who is lamenting about his troubles in the best way he knows how - singing his heart out. Hey, I mean it’s cheaper than therapy. That’s for sure!

"My Hysteria” is now available for streaming and downloading via most major online music providers. Stay tuned to SPiN’s official website and social media pages for more info. Also, check out their video “Someone New” as it’ll make its debut via Impose Mag on Monday, but you can check it out below right now!

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