SPiN Release New Jar Of Lies EP This Friday


Back in April we told you about alt rock/power pop band from Philadelphia named SPiN who had a record called “Stalked” containing songs featured on TV show “Stalker”. The song “Happy Together” topped the indie rock charts and if our word of mouth helped them at all, then I am more than happy to say it’s well deserved. Now they’re back with a brand new EP “Jar Of Lies” ready to find make your CD player its new home on October 9th, 2015. If you’ve never heard of this band or probably forgot who they are please read along to see what all the fuss is about.

Hailing from the Penn state SPiN are a foursome who play feel good tunes but also rock hard when given the chance. When I spoke to Jim Vacca, who sings as well as man's synths and piano, he said a few of them met during high school but met drummer Lou later on. What really impressed me about this band is not only do they make killer songs that sound amazing but also know how to keep their group together without any lineup changes or allow crazy drama to ruin their hard work;  to me that’s something even today’s most successful rock stars need to learn - and I do mean pronto!

SPiN’s new EP takes a bit of a dark turn with songs like the opener “Zombie Girl” showcasing lyrics about falling for a wild girl set to an electrifying guitar riff. E unleashes the Kraken when he rips into the number with soaring, almost screaming vocals that tears every other song you’ve ever heard a new one a million times over. This track is quite a powerful beginning to a very promising EP.

Creeping in after that is the title track to the EP where a smooth piano tinkered on by none other than Jim Vacca then is adorned with vocals before exploding into a blast of guitar and drums. When speaking about this song’s dark atmosphere singer Eric Rothenheber says it sorta gives the track more charm so their listeners can relate to it, as well as give it a bit of personality.

“I think this song can be taken many different ways. While it represents a scathing review of the current condition in our society as a whole, the video shows a more personal interpretation of how lies can affect us in one-on-one relationships.”

Closing up is a live version of “My Best Friend” originally composed by mega superstars, Queen. No wonder it best flaunts what SPiN are all about into a neatly tied package. Its crisp vocals, sharp instrumentals, and intense performance sums up why they became a band in the first place; because they’re fucking SPiN and they can rock your socks off no permission required - that is all.

SPiN recently shot their video for “Jar of Lies” in their hometown and can be found now on their official You Tube channel or you can check it out below.

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