SPiN Release Brand New EP "Meant To Rise"


Hello Nimrods and welcome back to Nimrod Street!

I was going to make a rant regarding the inauguration concert but luckily, SPiN saved me from embarrassing myself. These four chaps from Penn state are back with a new EP called “Meant To Rise”, which dropped this past Friday on January 20th, 2017. I liked what I heard, so I thought I’d share it with you all here. Let’s get started on this review!

SPiN have popped up on our site a good handful of times with past EPs, and that’s why I’m glad they’re back with a new batch of songs for our listening ears. Last month, I covered their track “What’s Going On (Ft. Nickey Knoxx of Epoch Failure)”, a track originally sung by the legendary vocalist Marvin Gaye and accompanied by a video I feel is appropriate for the political climate we’re currently in.

I love how the title track of this EP is an absolute head banger ready to get everyone going. The riffs are not only hard and fast, but also rhythmic. Drum and bass flow perfectly together accenting the vocals, which soar to their fullest potential. I get the feeling of classic rock from the 70’s with a modern rockalicious twist. It was a great choice to open the EP and I absolutely love it so much.

Another song I want to talk about is “Go Get It Good”, where I kind of like the atmosphere with the guitars and then the eerie vocals that sound unnerving and dark before unleashing into a full-on chorus. A major highlight I quite like are the synths sashaying in the background and when guitar riffs are thrown in, they make a satisfying combination. I find it hard to have a favorite song on this thing because they’re all so good. I appreciate the uniqueness of this track and if you know me, you already know I appreciate anything that’s different and makes songs pop!

Speaking of different and poppin’, the closing track “Dig Your Own Grave” is more of that echoing the rock n’ rolling guitars of the opener “Meant To Rise” and the crazy synths and vocals from “Go Get It Good”. I officially give up trying to find a favorite song, because they’re all amazing, so that’s that!

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Check out the video for "What's Going On" below and enjoy!