Possible Dido and Jedward Collaboration?


According to Cosmopolitan Dido and Jedward are in talks of collaborating on a track at some point in the near future.

The rumor began when Jedward (@PlanetJedward) tweeted out a photo of the duo posing with the British starlet with the caption, "We've Been Waiting :) @didoofficial GET ON THAT MIC".

If it does in fact happen, which I hope to God it won't because just knowing rumors are surfacing is disappointing in itself, then it'll be Dido's first release since her 2013 "Greatest Hits" release. The singer has actually landed a staring role on "Made in Chelsea", and Cosmo is speculating they're just celebrating another milestone in her career. I actually hope it's just this and they're not actually doing a song together!

Dido has been someone I've loved since my middle school days when she released several tracks towards the beginning of her career. I'm not at all into Cosmo magazine, but I've got to agree with them on this one. It's weird AF!

I thought I was done ranting from last night; apparently not.