Kelly Clarkson Pens New Album and Book

Kelly Clarkson

Original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson can add another slash to her name besides singer and actress because now she's penned a children's book.

The book is called “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby and it's named after her first born child of the same name. Check out the story's synopsis below:

"Tells the story of a little girl too excited about the next day’s trip to the zoo to fall asleep. Her mother sings her a lullaby that not only gets her to sleep but launches a dream of fun with animals."

Clarkson will be signing books Wyckoff, New Jersey as part of the "Conversations with Authors" event; a series from Books, Bytes and Beyond bookstore in Glen Rock. If you purchase this book, it'll come with a link to download an original lullaby.

Shifting the focus from books to music, Kelly is working on her next album - the follow up to 2015's "Piece By Piece" - and is expected to be due sometime next year.

She's already left RCA Records - her label of 14 years - to sign with Atlantic Records and gotten straight to work right away. Clarkson recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her next creation.

“I’ve actually always wanted to make this album and I just haven’t been able to. While it is still pop, it’s way more soulful," she also adds the reason for the sudden shift of direction, "Because the sound is so innate in me. It’s just so natural. It’s like, ‘God! You should have been making records like this the whole time’… I’ve just wanted to make this particular record since I was in junior high.”