Green Day Branch Out Into The Coffee Making Business

Billie Joe Armstrong

Now that Green Day are back in the process of making music for an upcoming new album two of the band's members Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt branched out into the coffee making business by endorsing environmentally compostable bags containing the good stuff, and expect to see it on the shelves in late January 2016.

This week boys will be launching Oakland Coffee Works, and family owned San Francisco Bay Coffee will be using their bags and pods as part of their products.

“I’ve been drinking coffee all these years, I looked at the coffee bags and realized they’re all landfill. It was astonishing to me. I hope that the big companies out there step up to the plate too," says Dirnt.

Fear not, fellow Idiots! This dynamic duo are sure to price their coffee as cheap as possible. “It cannot be nearly as expensive as it is to clean up the existing pods."