Gothminister Reveal New Album Details

Gothminister are set to release their upcoming album titled "Utopia" on May 17th as a follow up to 2011's "Anima Inferna" on AFM Records. A limited edition DVD will not only feature new songs from the album, but also dive into older hits sure to please their longtime fans The Norwegian band have released an official statement about the new record:

"When Gothminister releases new album 'Utopia' on May 17th, the fans will get a lot more than just a new piece of work by one of Norway’s premiere metal acts: the concept of 'Utopia' gives insight to the schizophrenic world of band leader Bjørn Alexander Brem: working as a lawyer at daytime, Brem’s second personality, the Gothminister, takes over at nighttime. 'Utopia' will be released as CD and ltd. CD incl. a bonus concert/movie-DVD."

The tracklisting for "Utopia" is as follows:

  1. The New Beginning
  2. Someone is After Me
  3. Utopia
  4. March
  5. Horrorshow
  6. Nightmare
  7. Afterlife
  8. Helldemon
  9. All Alone
  10. Purgatory
  11. Eternal
  12. Raise The Dead
  13. Boogeyman

Bonus DVD:

  1. Rapture (Intro-Movie)
  2. Purgatory (live)
  3. Eternal (live)
  4. Someone Is After Me (live)
  5. Stonehenge (live)
  6. Beauty After Midnight (live)
  7. Dusk Till Dawn (live)
  8. The Posession (live)
  9. Devil (live)
  10. Afterlife (live)
  11. Helldemon (live)
  12. Liar (live)
  13. Monsters (live)
  14. Darkside (live)
  15. March (live)
  16. Horrorshow (live)
  17. Happiness In Darkness (live)
  18. Utopia (live)
  19. The Resurrection (Outro-Movie)