Free Dominguez To Digitally Release New Album

Free Dominguez

Free Dominguez from Kidneythieves will digitally release her third solo album "VOLCANO+THE SEA" during the first week of May all thanks to her dedicated fans who helped fund a Kickstarter campaign in just 7 days.

This record is also her most personal and ambitious album to date as producer by J.J. Blair, a two time Grammy winner and good friend of Dominguez, challenged the vocalist in every way. This passionate collection of tracks was spawned from Free's Tenor guitar strumming as well as collaborating with STATIC from Ours.

"When STATIC came into the picture as a songwriting partner, his ideas challenged me musically, sonically and lyrically. Then when J.J. took the producer chair, he took these demos and turned them into monsters. I could have never seen this result coming. As a team, we have brought out the best in each other," she says.

Additional assistance on the new material came from mega musicians Jimmy Paxson, Chris Chaney, Dan Rothchild and many more. "It is important to let everyone shine with what they do best.  If everyone is given wings in the creative process, you will get a magical result—and that is exactly what happened,"

Other than being the singer for her fantastic band and making solo records Free also lends her voice to gaming soundtracks, such as: Deus Ex and Final Fantasy franchises. Now she will be featured in the top-selling soundtrack for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance making this the third time she's contributed her talents to the gaming world.

To pre-order "VOLCANO+THE SEA" visit her official website where it is also available on CD.