Evanescence To Release Vinyl Box Set Along With Origin Demo


It must be the year for box sets because gothic-hard rockers Evanescence are at it again right after announcing a North American tour. The band are to release a vinyl box set of all their studio albums and surprise, surprise....it'll also contain their demo "Origin" with a new recording of "Even in Death".

Although an official release date hasn't been yet confirmed, it's said to be out sometime this winter. Lead vocalist Amy Lee and the gang posted an update on their official website validating the news:

"The rumors are true! We are very excited to announce that we are releasing a very special vinyl boxset this Fall that includes all of our albums + Origin + a brand new recording of Even in Death and more!

Stay tuned for official pre-order info!"

If you have a chance to catch these guys on the road during their fall tour, DO IT! Read this review I wrote about the last time I saw Evanescence at the House of Blues Orlando!