Emily's Army is Feeling "Lost at Seventeen"

Emily's Army

RISE Records home of Of Mice & Men, Woe is Me, and Sleeping With Sirens has announced they have signed East Bay teen punks, Emily's Army and will be releasing the bands second studio album on June 11, 2013.

Following their critically acclaimed first album, Don't Be A Dick, Emily's Army has announced yesterday they will be releasing Lost At Seventeen, recorded at Green Day's Jingletown Studios, early this summer under a new label. The new album promises the same old playful nature of their pop-punk licks, with the same hard hitting lyrical content that was demonstrated in their previous record (i.e. I Wanna Be Remember), and once again showcase their inventive minds with their cover of The Fast Cars' The Kids Just Wanna Dance

This announcement was accompanied by the release of their first single from their newest work, Avenue, in which the band reminisced on their youth and the perspective of having an entire life ahead, as well as criticizing the current political situation in America. The song is a classic example of their simple genius, that shows a leap in their lyrical and musical skills from 2011's Don't Be A Dick. Avenue has been compared to the early days of Sum 41, showing their LA Punk and Surf Rock influences.

Tracklisting for Lost At Seventeen

1. Part Time Bum
2. Village Bicycle
3. Gübermensch
4. Avenue
5. I Am The President
6. Kids Just Want To Dance
7. Pathetic And In Love
8. On The Roof
9. The Rescuers
10. War
11. Rain
12. If Our Music Plays Again
13. 18 Years
14. Elephant
15. Digital Drugs
16. Lost At Seventeen

The release of the song was combined with the lyric video, added below.