Deadmau5 Drops Mad Hints For Something Coming In December


Joel Zimmerman, otherwise known as Deadmau5, is not only dropping a record this Friday "W:/2016ALBUM/", but apparently an additional 20 songs? What?

"Deadmau5 has promised to release a 20-strong collection of old and new tracks via iTunes following the release of his new full-length 'W:/2016ALBUM/' this Friday (2nd December)."

Zimmerman announced the remastered tracks on a live feed with fans lasting over eight hours, apparently/

Additionally, there's some big news coming out December 1st, 2016 - a day before his next record is released. Could it be the new tracks? Could it be a tour? Who knows???

". ..Taking to Instagram, the musician shared a video that seems to hint at a new performance setup or tour. Set to the backdrop of 'Let Go,' the video shows off the signature cube stage before abruptly cutting out. The description merely states that he is 'unveiling something new,' so it’s anybody’s guess as to what the mau5 is up to for now."

Mau5 Man has actually leaked a few songs on Mau5trap's official You Tube, so check it out! I'm actually listening to Deadmau5 right now as I'm typing this and will be buying the album on Friday.