Come Push Play on SPiN's New EP "Stalked"


Update: Here is part two of our coverage of SPiN's new record "Stalked" as we promised back in our interview. Be sure to check that out as well. Enjoy!

Every once in a while a band comes to you via a social media outlet in which you actually enjoy. The band in question are alternative power pop rockers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called SPiN. I met them via Instagram and they told me about their band and the new music coming soon. I’m glad I agreed to write out a whole review because they sound phenomenal through my cheap white earbuds. I know you’re quite interested, so read along as we go into further detail below.

I spoke to piano and synth player Jim Vacca in our recent interview where he told me how he and his bandmates eventually formed SPiN despite some members living so far away in other states. Somehow they found a way to make it work and here we are today; the rest was history.

“E and Jim went to high school together with Hank’s brother.  Then Lou came along later.  He’s from Delaware, but we said OK anyway.”

They knew each other from way back in the day during their teen years, and continue to create good music to this day. Would you have guessed they’ve always been the same four blokes as when they first began? This is something I’ve always looked for in a band because it’s has become so rare for groups to stay together nowadays. I can can definitely get behind that no questions asked.

“SPiN has always been the same four handsome lads.”

Their perseverance has paid off because these guys have toured alongside some big names including Halestorm, Fuel, Fat Joe, Trapt and Puddle Of Mudd. The latter even gave them some advice on how to go about crafting their songwriting. SPiN have accomplished a great deal of fantastic song structure with the advice taken, and it definitely shows by what I hear.

“After drinking all of his backstage beer, we talked songwriting with Wes from Puddle Of Mudd, who advised us to ‘keep it simple’ like they do.  We’ve been struggling to do that since.”

They’ve done well from what I hear off their new covers album, “Stalked”, which dropped April 7th. Vacca gave me a fun tidbit in regards to what spawned inspiration for this fun little project. It features songs from The Beach Boys, Iggy Azalea, The Cars and others. Ask yourself seriously: who doesn’t love singing along to your favorite songs? They are a collection of dark and moody songs that set a fun atmosphere, although it is nothing like their usual everyday sound. Many bands fail to willingly take artistic risks, but SPiN does it flawlessly and never miss a beat.

“We were inspired by the CBS TV show ‘Stalker’ which featured a dark cover song at the end of each episode.We set out to make this EP in a similar dark/sinister type style (although it’s not the type of music we usually create) using songs we thought would be cool to give a different interpretation of. Anyway, this EP is the result of that effort and track 2, ‘Happy Together’, ended up being featured in full in Episode 13 of the ‘Stalker’ show that inspired us.”

By that token some of the bigger highlights in my opinion are two songs “Black Widow”, originally performed by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora as well as “Drive”, written by The Cars. The former being a beautiful rendition of the immensely popular energetic song, but in this case I think SPiN’s cover does it better justice. A haunting piano gives it a gorgeous gothic vibe while a low bass lick creeps in behind. This is my most favorite song from the record for sure.

A perfect ending deviates from the moodiness blasting in another direction of classic pop-punk with their cover of “Drive” by The Cars. A rocking pulsing guitar riff lends itself to pounding drums and both work together harmoniously. Side by side the song sounds bigger and better than its predecessor. You can take my word for it!

If I have convinced you to check out SPiN then I have in fact done my job correctly. If not, listen for yourself when the group drops their upcoming EP “Jar of Lies” in mid-May with their original work. Until then...check them out on Facebook, Twitter (@SpinRocks) and of course their SoundCloud.