Blink-182 Plan New Album For Next Year

Blink-182 plan to release the follow up to 2011's "Neighborhoods" in either "late spring/early summer" of 2014. Bassist for Blink Mark Hoppus has said the band hopes to hit the studio early next year and have the album out shortly after.

"We haven't thought about any new songs yet. It always happens when the three of us are together in a room. Because when [we're not touring], Tom lives in San Diego, Travis lives in Los Angeles and I live in London, so we don't really talk all that much. But then when we get in a room together, it all falls into place and we start making jokes. That's when we start writing songs and reconnecting with everything."

For now Blink-182 are heading out on a short US tour this September, and be making pit-stops that will include headlining sets both in Chicago and Denver for Riot Fest.

The California punkers split from their label Interscope in 2011 and released their latest EP "Dogs Eating Dogs" in December 2012.