Best Tours of 2016


Hello my awesome Nimrod kumquats! Welcome to another end of the year article and this time I’ll be counting down the six best tours of 2016! I know there were many tours to be had this year but these are the top six I actually attended. So sit back and let this list rip!

Blink-182 - We’re starting this off with the San Diego trio known as Blink-182. Last week, I actually posted the top six albums out this year I really enjoyed and “California” was at number two. As I’ve aforementioned before, I traveled 300-400 miles from Orlando to Tampa by myself just to see Blink perform - my first time since 2004, so nothing was going to stand in my way. I loved how well they gelled with Matt Skiba on guitar and vocals; it was full of energy and their bright, colorful set illuminated my summer flawlessly.

Goo Goo Dolls - This was my third time seeing Goo in concert, but this time it was extra special since we were allowed to photograph the Buffalo, NY natives up close right in front of the stage on the "Boxes" 2016 Tour. I’d love to thank Absolute Goo for this surreal moment and for the biggest act we’ve ever shot.

Evanescence - I saw EV May of this year since they made up for the fact that they weren’t going to be attending the Moonstone Music Festival after it was postponed, so they decided to give their Orlando fans a separate gig instead. I’ve loved Evanescence since 2003 and wasn’t going to miss it for the world. Lead vocalist Amy Lee gave everyone a bang for their buck with her bomb ass vocals and stage presence. Hell yeah!

Festivals - This next one comes in two parts: Freestyle Explosion back in February and Universal Summer Concert Series in June.

We’ll begin with the Freestyle Explosion, which featured acts who were popular from the 80’s and 90’s and sang freestyle music. This is near and dear to my heart since part of my childhood was spent listening to it whenever I was around my big sister, so to experience these acts live was like going back in time to my young childhood. I was able to see an old 80’s favorite Expose perform their biggest hits, “Come Go With Me”, “Point Of No Return” and many others. I enjoyed every second of it.

The second part of this was seeing 3 live bands all for free with my Universal Annual Pass. I saw 3 Doors Down, Barenaked Ladies and The Fray all up close in a small setting surrounded by roller coasters and other breathtaking rides. It was amazing!

Ellie Goulding - Ms. Goulding seems like the odd one out on the list since she primarily focuses on electro-pop/folk but to see her command the crowd as she did was incredible. I also enjoyed seeing the colorful stage set with dancers, streamers and confetti at the end really gave it that whimsical feel one would expect from an Ellie Goulding show.

Yellowcard - At number six is Yellowcard with their Final World Tour 2016. The boys rocked out their album “Ocean Avenue” in its entirety, plus other great songs. They were the second huge act we got to photograph and it was a really great experience. Yellowcard have a fantastic energy when they perform their hearts out and I really enjoyed it.

Well, what did you think of our Best Six Tours Of 2016? Did you agree or disagree with what I said? Drop us a line either at the bottom of the article, Twitter (@NimrodStreet) or Instagram (@Nimrod_Street).