Autumnal Music Extravaganza 2016!

Music Cat

Hello Nimrods! It’s your lucky day because Friday, October 7th, 2016 will not only be the beginning of the weekend, but also a great day for music fans of every taste to come together either at the music store or crashing the servers in an online music retailer. Rarely does it ever occur when a small handful of bands every level of the spectrum release new material on the same day without being pushed back a couple of notches to better accommodate their latest effort. I know you’ve already got your heart set on one or two of your favorite artists but let’s go over a few more to see if you’re also interested in something else.

I’ve compiled a list ranging from multiple genres: punk rock, pop-punk, indie rock, jazz, electro-industrial and dance-rock. I’ve also broken them down into three parts: The most mainstream bands I assume will do well at the very top to more obscure bands at the very bottom with moderate artists in the middle. Let’s get right into this delectable platter of musical goodness!

Our favorite band Green Day take the number one spot with their 12th album called “Revolution Radio, the follow up to 2012’s “Uno! Dos! Tre!. The California trio make their most political statement through this collection of songs they themselves produced. “Bang Bang”, “Still Breathing” and the title track have already been made into singles with lyric videos to match. I am most excited for this album and I’ve already gone ahead and ordered the limited edition red vinyl as well as the lyric book. The trio are currently testing out their new material on a club tour throughout North America.

Next on the list are our rocking neighbors to the north Sum 41 ready to release their new album “13 Voices”. The initial single “Faking My Own Death” was released this past summer and was the first single since 2011’s “Screaming Bloody Murder.” The boys will hit the road beginning this month on the “Don’t Call It A Sum Back Tour”.

Blink-182 may have released their album “California this past July, but that doesn’t stop the San Diego trio from squeezing out a box set to appease fans not quite ready to let go of this current era before the guys plan the next one. We mentioned a few weeks ago that Blink are going to put out a “limited edition seven-album box set featuring six studio albums and live record.” Blink-182 are still currently on tour until December 11th where they’ll play Valley View Casino Center in their hometown.

Los Angeles band NOFX are set to follow up their last effort with this year’s “First Ditch Effort via Fat Wreck Chords. Coming up on their thirteenth album the gap between 2012 to 2016 marks their longest break yet, and if that’s not enough, it’ll be the band’s first album not produced by Bill Stevenson. Be sure to watch out for that because it’s going to be awesome!

That rounds out the top four, now let’s get off the punk rock bandwagon and focus on other genres just as important!

English rock band Kaiser Chiefs are preparing for their sixth studio album “Stay Together, which follows up “Education, Education, Education & War” from 2014. The title probably stems from the fact that the band’s original drummer Nick Hodgson left the Chiefs, but it’s really in reference to a song called “We Stay Together”; a new song on the album. The tour in support of the new chapter in the Chiefs career kicks off at some point next year.

During November 2015 jazz singer Norah Jones announced she had a big chunk of new music done, and almost a year later it’s confirmed as she’s releasing her sixth record called “Day Breaks”. You guys may know her from such hits as “Come Away With Me",”Don’t Know Why” or just from her 2013 duet record with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong called “Foreverly”. The new material is the follow up to 2012’s “Little Broken Hearts”.

Get those dancin’ boots on and get ready to party with some obscure underground goodness!

We’ve now reached electro-industrial clubbers Army of the Universe with their third album 1999 & The Aftershow”. I was lucky enough to review their sophomore effort “Hipster Sacrifice” back in 2013 and see them live a year later; they never disappoint! The Italian ravers have since released singles and EPs to keep up their momentum to this point. I’m also looking forward to this new AOU era and couldn’t be more psyched!

Finalizing our little list are quirky dance rockers Electric Six with their 12th album Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres”. Forming in 1996 the band found their mainstream success in the early 2000’s with albums “Senor Smoke”, “Switzerland” and 2014’s “Human Zoo.” As if the timing couldn’t be better E6’s new music will have a darker, gloomier tone to it than in previous albums  just in time for Halloween. Coincidence? We think not!

If you have any questions, comments or think we missed any vital information on the list, feel free to leave us a comment either down below or any of our social media outlets. We look forward to hearing from our amazing Nimrods!