Amy Lee Releases New Album

After Math

If you thought the recent journey into motherhood would stop Lead vocalist Amy Lee (@AmyLeeEV) from making music you're dead wrong, my friend! The Evanescence starlet has released new music inspired by upcoming film "War Story" on the appropriately titled album "Aftermath". The album is slated to be released August 25th, 2014 via 110 Records, Inc,

The music is two-way collaboration with Dave Eggar based off the main premise of the movie, which is about a character who goes into war zones to take photographs. This motion picture premiered last January at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Lee is incredibly excited to be sharing this project with her fans since it's unlike anything she has ever done before. "It's going to surprise my fans. It's not what you'd expect; the film is very dark, very introspective . . . There are moments of playing, and it's musical, but there are a lot of moments where Dave and I just built walls of sounds, out of blaring cellos and trombones and synthesizers and harp, all on top of each other. Sort of creating new sounds. It's not, like, a soundtrack. it's an atmosphere."

Now that she has officially scored a whole movie, is it in the cards for her to do it again? YOU BETCHA!

 "Dave and I were already talking about taking a meeting for another film, and I definitely want to work with him again."

The official tracklist is listed below:

Push The Button
02. White Out (featuring Dave Eggar)
03. Remember To Breathe (featuring Dave Eggar)
04. Dark Water (featuring Malika Zarra)
05. Between Worlds (featuring Dave Eggar)
06. Drifter (featuring Dave Eggar)
07. Can't Stop What's Coming (featuring Dave Eggar)
08. Voice In My Head (featuring Dave Eggar)
09. Lockdown (featuring Dave Eggar)
10. After (featuring Dave Eggar)

Get your copy via Amazon today and enjoy some teaser You Tube goodness below!