3TEETH Show You How To Throwdown A Remix


Now that 3Teeth have gotten their debut record out of the way this past summer they’re back to turn transgressive art upside down by recently releasing “3TEETH Remixed” on October 21st, 2014 via Artoffact Records. Here the guys make it clear they’re more than a one trick pony; it’s industrial music with a bit of a kick and twist! I was personally excited to be reviewing this record since the Los Angeles natives are on my list of favorite new break-out bands. It’s a nice reminder that music is still alive if you know where to look!

A few heavy hitters in the industrial and electronic camp come out to play showcasing their own spin on the band’s awesome tracks. Some of these big names include: Aesthetic Perfection, ∆AIMON, Caustic, and Freakangel. If you’re like me you’ll have quite a bit of fun comparing the original tracks to the new mixes and to be quite honest, I’m having a hard time deciding which album I like better because both sound amazing in their own right.

Many of these were available as digital-only downloads teasers, but now you can stream them on Bandcamp or even purchase the entire album on the official website for Storming The Base in a beautiful 6-panel digipack. This year also saw the band releasing their fine work on limited edition blood red vinyl along with this remix album and a huge logo patch. That right there should let everyone know it’s time to hop aboard on the 3TEETH bandwagon because they’re only going to get better and better as time goes by, and it would be a shame for anyone  to miss out!

If some of your favorite songs from the self-titled debut are "Master of Decay", "Consent", "Nihil", "Consent" or "Final Product" then you are in luck, my friend! Here are 15 different ways to experience this mega talented four-piece like you’ve never heard them before. By this I mean a song like “Consent (Randolph & Mortimer remix)” where we find the guitar, drum and synth work sound heavily influenced by the legendary Ministry, while the “Consent (BLKHRTS Rework)” gives off a hip-hop flavor uniting two genres in perfectly crafted needlework.

Next we have “Final Product (Freakangel Remix)” and is one of my favorite mixes because it wasn’t long ago when we actually interviewed and reviewed Freakangel about their own music. When I asked Dmitry Darling about his work with 3TEETH he had this to say about the whole experience. “Yes, it was one of the easiest remixes I've done. It's just like I've started following the flow right from the first notes. Everything else just came itself after demo structure was ready. I really love when this kind of magic happens. Actually it was my first experience in remixing someone just for pure fun.” This kind of dedication comes out in the track and it definitely paid off in a big way!

I absolutely could go on about how great I think 3TEETH are but you’ll have to listen to the album and find out for yourself.

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