3TEETH Eradicate Bad Music With Smash Album


3TEETH are a four-piece band from Los Angeles who are re-defining the industrial genre by tantalizing your taste buds with a delectable platter of 14 well-constructed songs set to take you away from the hum drum of life. Only thing left to do is toss out your lame records now while you still have time and after hearing this album you won't need any other pop-tarts to bog you down.

Remember earlier this year when I reviewed the single “Consent” and mentioned how their debut was going to be an instant hit? As luck would have it I literally hit the nail on the head because their self-titled effort charted in the iTunes Top 10 on June 3, 2014; the very day it was released. You’re free to think whatever you want, but If that’s not some hardcore intuition then I don’t know what is….though for the record I just want to say I called it first.

With every track one can tell that these guys know good music especially when citing the best as major influences, including: Ministry, Tool, KMFDM and many others. Both rock and electronics in the opening tracks are stitched together immaculately further solidifying a strong record worthy of being overplayed leaving very little time for anything that's boring.

A few of my favorite songs “Master of Decay”, “Antiflux” and “Unvieled” set the stage for intense moodiness with epic atmosphere while not sacrificing great sound. Enchanting vocals are set to melancholy instrumentation that is not only amazingly executed but beautifully haunting in its own right.

Eradicate” is a track I find interesting echoing some old-school industrial I grew up on with the likes of Nine Inch Nails and others. The lead vocalist screeches without coming to a halt over drums that pound to the beat, shredding guitar, and bass that gives the tune a coveted groovy pulse. If you have a chance to get your hands on this album I suggest you give this particular song a spin because it doesn’t disappoint.

If it’s one thing 3TEETH do correctly it’s constant use of textures as well as various techniques to give their songs a familiar rugged, gritty sound. This concept can be heard throughout such songs as “X-Day”, “Final Product” and “Chasm”. It’s not often that artists will go out of their way to make every song something special or at least different from each other because so much of today’s albums sound exactly the same one track to the next, but thankfully the band actually manage to produce songs that should be regarded as a definite work of art in the highest respect!

I’m happy to say that 3TEETH’s are well on their way to becoming rock n’ roll royalty and I can’t wait to hear from them again.

Hey guys, if you’re reading this review come to Orlando because I’d love to check out your live show!

The album is available on vinyl that also includes a download code and standard CD format via Artoffact Records.

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